What Life Is like To Me 3!!!(By Uni)

If you have made it this far in the series you would know that the characters in this are based on REAL PEOPLE! Here are the characters:

Uni- ME
Chip-Panda Queen
Nightmare-FNAF QUEEN
Luna- Mew Mew

Hi my name is Uni Mystic, you probably know me by now but if you don’t:
I’m half-unicorn
I was born July 4th, 2004
My hair is blonde with pink tips and a rainbow stripe
My sister and BFF is Chip Mystic (Half-Panda)
I live in the dimension Fantasia and I was born in Candyland.
My boyfriend is Tyler Moonlight
This is a story of how unusual my life is.


The beautiful wide doors were covered in spray paint. The message said:
Most people didn’t know Nightmare like me and the Dead Magic group did, so many people were confused. But me and Chip were scared. We dashed inside to find nightmare. Chip didn’t even wait for the elevator and ran up 652 flights of stairs. I took the elevator because I’m lazy. I knew that we had a password for our dorm so I mumbled the word ‘dead magic’

Luckily, Nightmare and Luna were in the dorm with Willow and Jake.
“Okay, what did you do this time?” Asked Chip in her ‘sarcastic voice.’
“Me and Luna are some of the only nice demon/devils. And since my dad is one of the most famous devils, everyone now hates me for betraying our kind. And since Luna is my friend and also a demon/devil She’s being hunted down to.”

My phone rang. I got a text.


Tyler: Where r u? Ur not at the doors.

I suddenly remembered I told Tyler to meet me at the front doors. I texted him back.

Uni: OMG! Im so srry! I totally 4got about that i needed 2 c if Nightmare & Luna were okay! Can u plz come 2 my dorm? Password is dead magic!

I put my phone down and somebody with long dirty blonde hair and red tips with headphones on walked into our dorm.
“OMG! Blade you made it!” Yelled Chip.
“Yeah, I managed to get Miss Dimple to move my dorm!” Said the girl.
“Oh, sorry Uni, this is a girl I met in Shad’s dimension. We became friends right away! Her name is Blade!” Said Chip.

“Hi! I’m Uni, Chip’s older-by-2-minutes twin sister! Oh, by the way, what type of hybrid are you? Not to be mean or anything, but you look like a human.” I said.
“Oh, um, I’m a wolf warrior but I disguised myself as a human so I wouldn’t get to much attention. We aren’t very common.”
“SO COOL! Anyway, there is a spare room for you down the hallway. I hope you like red and black because those are the 2 colors in that room!” I said.

“HECK YEAH I LIKE BLACK AND RED!” Said Blade yeeting into her room.
“Ok then…” I said. Right then, The elevator doors opened.
“Yo Uni!” Said Tyler.
“Hi! Sorry I didn’t wait for you I needed to get here as fast as I could, did you see that whatever it was on the door?” I asked.
“Yeah. What have you guys been up to?” He asked the 2 Half-Demons

“Do I have to explain it AGAIN?” Nightmare asked.
“Umm, yes.” Said Jake poking out of his room. That’s Jake for you, going into other people’s business.
“Ok FINE!” She took a deep breath and explained everything once again.
“WOW, ok then, I guess no mall shopping for you.” Said Tyler.
“We don’t do the mall, we do death.” Said Luna. Getting up to strangle Tyler. Tyler backed up into the elevator and closed the door just in time.

“Dang it. I love strangling him!” Said Luna.

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