One More Memory Gone To Waste… (By Luna :3)

One More Memory Gone To Waste…

By: Luna :3



When I was three, I was in my room playing with my toys. In the other room i hear my parents yelling through my door, after a while of them yelling my dad come through my door and says

“Pack your stuff…” and so i do what he says but I question why in my head. Then when I say I’m done packing he drags me to the door, and I see my mom sobbing 

I yell her name 

Mom…mom?…MOM!?” As I shed a few tears. I’m at the airport with my dad holding my hand and trying to keep a stone face. He looks down at me and i look up at him still crying in fear, he wipes the tears from my face. Then i feel less alone…the loudspeaker calls

“PLANE TO COLORADO LEAVING IN 10 MINUTES…” then we walk with our backpacks and suitcases to the plane. We put our suitcases in a cubby on top of our seats.

 While we watch the safety video i feel a BUMP! So i look down from the window and…we are moving  and then we take off safely.

 As my dad fell asleep next to me i grab a photo from my bag it was i photo of my parents and me having a great time…but then in my mind I have the same picture of us but my parents are screaming at each other and i was crying…why did i think of that picture i ask myself in my mind is it us right now? I don’t know if I continue asking myself.

 Finally we arrive in beautiful Colorado and when my dad finally woke up, we leave the airport.

 My dad waves his hand high up to get a cab he screams 

“TAXI…TAXI!” Finally we get one and we get in. 

My dad tells the taxi driver where to go,as we pass by I count the cars as they pass by,after i while we end up on a street then we walk a couple of blocks and as we are walking i wonder where we are going to stay. 

We walk to this blue tiny house, we knock on the door and here comes…”GRANDMA!” 

“Hi how are you honey!” She says with a grin so tight you could see her cheek bones.

“Hi mom…” as my dad sighs 

“Hi sweetie!” My grandma says still grinning 

“Mom…i have to tell you something…” he continues 

“Well come on in I’m making cookies and milk!” She says as we walk in i take a couple of steps in and i see…”GRANDPA!” I say running and jumping into his arms

“What brings you here crazy person!” He says hugging me and lifting me up

“Hi dad” my dad says

“Oh son how are you!”

“Good but i have to tell you and mom something…”

“Oh well ok but can it wait we are having cookies!” I say

“ you know what will make cookies faster” grandpa says 

“What?” I question him

“Why don’t you help grandma bake ‘em”he continues 

“You are right!” As i run in the kitchen and help grandma. (A few years later *age 5*)

After a few years of living in my grandparents house. My dad and I finally have enough to buy a house across from my grandparents’ house. And so i lived there for my whole childhood.

            CHAPTER 2

When I was five, I got some mail. 

“What is that daddy” i ask with a curious face

“It’s nothing…” he sighs while putting it into the trash.

“It’s time for bed sweetie” he continues as we walk up the stairs and into my room, he reads me a bedtime story and tucks me in as he kisses me on the four head. I fake sleep until I hear him snoring across my bedroom, I quietly tiptoed to the door…”creeek” the door went as I walk down the stairs percaously  looking back every time there was a creek from the rusty stairs I walk into the kitchen, and I dig in the trash can like a raccoon looking for food. After a while I found the mail and it says my moms name, her name was beautiful her name was rose…she was beautiful as well, so I opened it and it was a green and orange jacket and there was a tag on it saying “for siren” 

“that’s my name!” I  whisper to myself. “I can’t believe it!”

 I continued whispering to myself so I ran up stairs quietly with the jacket and went to bed…

“Wake up sunshine it’s your first day for kindergarten!” He yells in excitement so i get ready in a yellow polka  dot skirt, and my jacket.

“Where did you get that jacket from?” My dad says coming into my room

“I’ve always had it I just don’t wear it as much..” I say  nervously 

“Well ok, you also look adorable in that skirt sweetie!” My dad says as I nod in agreement. I eat breakfast, brush my teeth, get my backpack ready, and I walk out the door in confidence,seeing my grandparents smiling so hard that more tinkles show on their faces, as they take a photo of me on a huge camera. Then when it was time to go I got into my dads car and he drove me to a big school called “Rosa Parks Elementary School” I walk inside and feel the cool breeze of the AC, I go to my locker outside my classroom and put my bag in it, as I walk to my classroom I started feeling a little funny, when I arrived at the classroom door my head was pounding, my eyes were twitching, my heart was racing and then i just…pass out..”THUMP” as I hit the ground. When my teacher went outside the classroom, suspicious of the thump and she saw me laying there passed out…

“911 what’s your emergency” the police line said

“Hello I’m at rosa parks elementary and i saw a young girl pass out and I don’t know what to do!” My teacher said

“Is there a nurse in the building?” The policeman said

“No she’s on her break please come I don’t think she’s breathing!” As my teacher is worried out of her mind

“Help is on the way” as the policeman says as he hangs up.

She feels my four head and put some ice on it, as she calls my dad as these people in white vests take me away. When they carry me outside i wake up a little bit but everything’s blurry…i turn my head and see my dad running out of his car as he sobs,then they take me in a truck with flashing lights and my dad comes in to,holds my hand then i fall asleep it just felt like a bad dream..but it was not.

I wake up in a bed and I wonder where I am it’s so white and clean is it…”A HOSPITAL!?” I yell as my dad wakes up from his snooze 

“Yes siren its a hospital…” my dad sighs 

“But I’m so glad you are ok..” he says as he comes off his chair and gives me a big hug. “ALEX TIGERLILY” they call my dads name,

“Be right back i need to talk to the nurses..” he said as he walked out of my room

“Is she gonna be alright!?” My dad says rushing to her

“Yes she is gonna be alright but i have to keep her in the hospital for a few days” the nurse responds 

“Ok…thanks nurse…” my dad sighs. And so after a few days in the hospital, I started to feel better each day by the third day i was ready to leave the hospital and go home…

                 CHAPTER 3 

While I walk I was thinking I would get any friends in middle school sadly i never did in elementary school. But i hope it will change as I walk inside a middle school and I look up to the sign saying “Colorado middle school” so i walk inside and feel the cold from inside and the heat from outside it felt like a beautiful summer breeze. As my first year i did not know anybody just first year so I quietly walked through the crowded hallways full of parents,teachers,and students. As I tried to get out the crowded hallways I found an empty one so I squeezed through people to get there and it worked! As I walked through the empty hallways i see two girls that need to learn how to match clothes correctly

“Hey how are you shortie!” One said the other one starts to giggle

“Yea and what’s up with the hat are you a hippy or something!” The other one said as they were blocking my path. 

“Could you please move out of the way” i say with an annoyed tone in my voice

“Oh the nerd is speaking up huh!?” One says making fun of me

“Let me girls are 8th graders..” I say

“Yea so?” One of the bullies said

“I wish you could act like one” i say walking off and not looking back…

So for those 3 full years of middle school they bullied me, even though they were in high school they still figured out how to make fun of me. I’m at the doctor’s office …my heart racing….i hope I’m healthy because i want to make dad proud. 

“ your daughter has …cancer…” the nurse sighs my dad sobs in worry and i just there in shock and pain…like my life was over …like a good memory..gone to waste…

                CHAPTER 4

High school.. a middle schoolers dream but in reality it does not feel like a dream…there’s gossipers,tattletails,bullies, and hard math. For me its the hardest because of my day freshman year i was walking down the huge hallways full of really tall people I walk in the bunch with my hood up head down and my earbuds in my ears blasting music of sunflower by Serena burgess is a loser. As i put my bag in my locker and get my books for math, I see these girls walk up to me they look…familiar from somewhere 

“Hey its baldi long time no see!”

“Wait are you the people who bullied me in middle school?” I say 

“Yep hows the hair…oh it gone!” They say laughing their heads off at me. Apparently their names are belle and Hannah.

“Why are you always bitter, your hair looks as bad as mine…oh cause i don’t have hair” i say roasting them as i walk off but i do look back and their faces are in shock. I also noticed the people behind us started to gossip about me. After science  i was walking pass the gym to go to my locker, but basketball practice started and i heard the sneakers squeaking on the clean floor, the basketball bouncing on the floor, how a saw them do cool tricks, and …the basketball goes in the hoop! It felt like birth all over again. The gym teacher saw me standing there and watching and then she came up to me and said

“So you like basketball huh?” 

“N-No….” as I stutter in shock and fear

“ well if you get interested …we are looking for a player, the coach says while giving me a flier.

“ tell me if you want to join..” she continues as she walks away and yells at the players.

            CHAPTER 5

While I walk down a hallway i see a huge crowd of people around a flier. As I squeeze through the crowd of people the flier says “talent show!” 

“A talent show!?” I say in my mind, after a little bit of thinking about it…I sign up for auditions. I squeeze out of the crowd and walk home. As i walk home i see not just one car but like 8 cars in our drive way. I walk in and its dark, so i turn on the light and…

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” And i see my grandparents,dad,uncle and aunts,and cousins all on my dads side. After a while my dad pulls out a Pomeranian dog, a cry in excitement and named my dog Nancy. At auditions the next day i was gonna sing a song, when i was up the judges said

“Ok siren what will you do” 

“ um…i will sing a song…” I say nervously 

“ what song” the judges question

“Sunflower by sirina burgess is a loser..” I respond 

“Ok you can sing now” the judge’s order 

I sing as beautifully as I could and I hope the judges were gasping in excitement 

“Thank you siren and next” the judges yell. A week later there was a list of people who got in most people sighed and walked off…but not me because …I GOT IN!

            CHAPTER 6

The morning of the talent show…i wake up, eat breakfast and get dressed in a sparkling yellow dress and go to school. When the loud speaker calls the people of the talent show to come to the back of the stage. While I’m fixing my dress i hear the whole school plus family members come in their seats,

“Welcome to the anuil talent show at Colorado high school first up we got…” the principal says. After everyone has gone i was the closing act 

“The last but not least…siren tigerlily!” The principal says walking off stage. 

I walk on stage slowly approaching the mic in fear and panic,my dress sparkling in the light…i made it at the mic and hesitate, but after a while I started singing…it was like a swans allegiance of respect and confidence…after a few minutes of singing the crowd went wild! After the show I went home and ran straight to Nancy, I see Nancy but she does not look well and she has not eaten her food or drink her water…is she ok? I don’t know,so we take her to the vet and…she’s sick….

            CHAPTER 7

I say my last words to Nancy… then she slowly closes her eyes and stops breathing…i take my essays and end of the year tests for senior year. A few weeks later it was graduation! But i did not have any friends to celebrate it graduation they showed a quick video about prom..homecoming…and fun times of our adventure of high school, as they called a few names then..

“Up next is siren tigerlily, she won the talent show that was just recently, she always wanted to play basketball, and she lived her years here as a fun shy nice girl and she kicked cancer in the butt as she lived her fullest here…” they principal says as he gives me my diploma and shakes my hand ever so firmly, then I hugged my teachers and counselors…then the principal called the rest, the day has come the end of summer… I hugged my dad so tight and hugged my whole family and during summer my mom and dad got together so I pack my stuff and go to Stanford,when i arrived at Stanford it was nice there…I finally made friends and guess what …MY CANCER IS GONE! And that meant i could play professional basketball so I did and I had a great time at college. 

            CHAPTER 8 

I graduate college and went a full 4 years at Stanford so I said goodbye to my friends, and went to New York City! I quit as a basketball player and became a really famous singer in New York my winning the voice. So i got married to another famous singer and had 1 adorable little girl…after a couple years I found one of my friends and she was also married and has 3 adorable kids, one is a girl the other 2 are boys and our kids played with each other basically every day. So I continued my life a happy life….

                THE END


  1. Uni says:

    This is Luna’s First post, so everyone be nice to her!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sorry for all the incorrect spelling…I hope you guys enjoy the book I worked really hard at it!

  2. Luna says:

    Hi guys it’s Luna and I just wanna tell you guys that book 2 is coming soon!
    Also I’m publishing another book called solar and the witches house!

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